Old Ladies with Sticks and Thinking Pink

Leaving our island on Thursday, a little girl on the ferry was making observations as she walked around with her family. When she passed me she said:  “Old ladies with sticks to help them walk.” I was in a wheelchair with crutches propped against it.

That’s me: an old lady with sticks. I don’t use them for great distances. Sarah […]

This IS My Life

Margaret says there are daffodils under her lilac tree. And I saw snow drops a little over a week ago , also in Vancouver, when Sarah drove me to a follow-up appointment.

Snow drops are one of the symbols of the goddess Bridget (who became St. Brigid to Christians.) Her feast day was on February 2nd. The spring quarter of […]

Our Tears Improve the Earth

“Our tears improve the earth,” Rumi said in his poem “The Most Alive Moment.” And don’t those tears mark an “alive moment” of gratitude, laughter, pain especially when we “meet each other’s eyes.”

“Always your qualities increase the soul,” Coleman Barks wrote in his translation of Rumi’s poem.

“Crying out loud and weeping are great resources,” Rumi advised in “Cry Out.”

Do […]

Walking with the Ancestors

Usually I’d have “cabin fever” by now but I’ve enjoyed the quiet days at the end of the year and now, at the beginning of a new year. There is some anxiety as surgery approaches and as we felt some effects of an earthquake recently.

I haven’t seen many people as it was my intention to be quietly recuperating from […]

An Inconvenient Blessing

The pleasant looking couple sharing a table with us is French-Canadian they tell us, living near Castlegar, B.C. They‘re having a chuckle about the male of the couple being wheeled along the sidewalk in a wheelchair by his wife who is legally blind. A ride wasn’t available to them so they took things into their own hands.

We’re at Jean […]

Having Faith in Nights

It’s been a long time since I called myself a Christian but Sunday still feels like a day of rest. Sarah and I took a walk at Piper’s Lagoon where we got an expansive view of the Salish Sea and listened to the waves pounding loudly on the shore. There were only three other people there. Perhaps the others […]

Let It Go

I’ve been reading old journals. That’s not quite the “being present practice” of actually writing the journals all those decades ago. They really weren’t meant to be read or reread by anyone but I got curious. I’m going to be burning them soon and I couldn’t resist taking a look back.

Perhaps I saved journals from the eighties and nineties […]

Inspired Health

I’m very glad I learned about InspireHealth and could go and see them when I was in Victoria for radiation treatments. InspireHealth is accessible to anyone online but I was pleased to be not that far away so I could walk over to see a nutritionist one day. (They also have locations in Vancouver and Kelowna.)

Usually diets are about […]

Back to the Body

People ask me how my leg is. It’s fine! It’s really too bad that a surgeon will be cutting into it as the “sun burn” is fading and new skin has been revealed after all the peeling. It’s my back that’s bothering me right now – or was recently.

That can be due to different things. I’m spending more time […]

Rooted in the Present Part II

I love starting a new journal with its blank pages waiting to be filled with words from my life.

Writing in a journal is one of my “being present” practices. I really can’t imagine not writing.

I realize now that while in Victoria for radiation treatments for five weeks, I engaged in rooting myself in the present. With plans put on […]