Flower essences can help to balance our electrical systems so we can work with Nature’s blueprints for growth and adaption. The flower essences I am guided to suggest appear to be “just right” for the situation. Their definitions reveal underlying causes of imbalance and offer many gifts of attunement from Nature. “Healing becomes a rich journey of inner exploration and creative expansion, not just a quick cure,” as Andrea Mathieson, founder of Raven Essences, has discovered. The essences co-ordinate with the cylical nature of healing, growth and change, in an alchemical fashion.

Other benefits include:

  • Support of the cycles, not just the events of our lives;
  • A myriad of ways to use flower essence definitions for divinatory insights;
  • An opening of the corridors of spiritual expression;
  • A mirroring of aspects of our soul’s search for creative expression;
  • A strong, stable corridor between our soul and our body so that we can be who we are and do what we came to earth to do.