writing-warriorWords in Progress for
Writing Warriors
Saturday, February 21, 2015
9 a.m. to 4: 30 p.m.

Give those scraps of paper, journal entries, emails, and unsent letters your own genre-bending form. Find focus in the midst of your ideas. Receive support for putting your dreams into action and your healing stories into the world.

what is words in progress for warrior writers?

While the Writing Life Circle is about the why of writing and the developing of our own voice as well as journeying into memory, imagination and dreams, Words in Progress is for women to put those dreams into action and get their writing into the world. You could say it’s about the “what”: all those pieces of writing that could become blogs, poems, personal essays, a memoir, fiction. Let’s give them some form and share them with a broader audience.

To put our work into the world needs focus and strategy. Yes, there can be rejection or non-acceptance along the way. There is also great satisfaction in putting that envelope in the mailbox or clicking on “send.” There is also the opportunity of community, being heard, and finding out we’re not alone.

words in progress for writing warriors is for you if:

  • you’re writing on your own;
  • you would like to take pride in your project by sharing your process or some of your writing;
  • you feel the need to be more in touch with your writerly self besides all those other roles you play;
  • you’re in need of some focus in the midst of your ideas and multi-tasking;
  • you’d like to be part of a community of women writers;
  • you’re in need of a bit of a push to get you going and keep you going.

I wondered what would be next for women who have followed my mentoring program, Writing Home: A Whole Life Practice, and who have taken part in the Writing Life Circles. I think Words in Progress for Writing Warriors will be beneficial for all of us as writing is such a solitary vocation. Besides the benefits of being part of a writing community, we’ll come up with ways to put our healing stories into the world.

what we’ll do

In the Words in Progress for Writing Warriors Circle we’ll:

  • write to define and gain insight for our current projects;
  • find out we do have current projects (made up of what we’ve already written, and what we want to write about);
  • share the process, the ups, the downs, and ask for guidance for any issues that have arisen in the process;
  • read from our words in progress;
  • receive support from one another;
  • set some goals for our words in progress;
  • come up with a schedule for our particular projects.

what you’ll learn

Together, in the Words in Progress for Writing Warriors Circle, we’ll::

  • learn about the different forms of writing;
  • have a look at books and other resources as well as markets for sending our work;
  • receive tips for productive writing;
  • create systems, schedules, charts and lists (way more fun than it sounds!);
  • design a vision resume;
  • tune in to the dharma of our book or project;
  • discover short forms of writing satisfaction;
  • find community connections at readings, other workshops, retreats, and book launches.

I see this circle as a way to give voice to our desires rather than hiding our projects on our laptops and in our journals or on scraps of paper hidden behind the blender. The process is all-important to me but there comes a time to share those stories with others. This won’t be a critique group as such but you may ask for what sort of feedback you would like. That way you can receive ideas and suggestions related to your particular concerns about your words in progress. Also, there’s nothing to prevent you from meeting with one or two others from the circle for further feedback if that’s what you’re looking for.

what if you don’t have words in progress?

You probably have a journal of writing and wonder what to do with all those pieces. Together, we’ll come up with a plan.

writing warriors

In Writing as a Sacred Path: A Practical Guide to Writing with Passion and Purpose, (Celestial Arts, 2008), Jill Jepson describes four gateways to writing as a sacred path. The four gateways are those of the mystic, the monk, the shaman, and the warrior.

The mystic helps us “develop our own unique perspective”; the monk teaches us to foster silence and solitude as well as the “importance of community in the writing life”; the shaman teaches writers to “journey in the realm of memory, imagination, myth and dream and how to draw energy from our relationship with the natural world.” The warrior’s training teaches and inspires “focus, discipline, and strategic skill.”

Words in Progress for Writing Warriors supports all three with a focus on the warrior.

How would you describe yourself if you gave yourself the title of Writing Warrior?
You could begin by writing: “There once was a woman . . . “ Writing in the third person can offer you some fresh insight. Or you could begin: “How to be a Writing Warrior.”


$175 including a binder of materials
Early bird fee: $125 if paid by February 13, 2015
Please send your cheque made out to Mary Ann Moore to
3350 Hickman Place, Nanaimo, B.C. V9T 3Y1

Please note, once I’ve received your cheque and your plans change and you can’t make it to the circle after all, I will apply a credit to a future circle.

the location

Island Girl Art Studio
3019 Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo


Email me at creativity@maryannmoore.ca
or give me a call at 250-729-2630 and we can have a chat.

a little about me

I bring many years of experience, passion and playfulness to writing in a circle. I’ve found great delight in building community by sharing my stories with others through publishing, speaking engagements, book launches and other gatherings where our stories matter.