writing home: a whole life practice
with poet, writer &
circle facilitator
Mary Ann Moore

Unfold your personal story. Envelop yourself with your own wisdom. Live your life from that heart-opening place.

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night wondering “what’s it all about?”

Do you wonder in the midst of your busy life, whether you are fulfilling your purpose and if so, just what is that purpose?

Are you looking for a spiritual practice that is uniquely yours?

Now you can embark on your own spiritual journey with materials with which you will be guided to explore five creative awareness practices of meditation, movement, sound, writing and visual art to unfold your life story. Along with your own copy of the book only available to those following the program, Writing Home: A Whole Life Practice,  you will receive a one-hour introductory consultation; a personal flower essence combination; monthly phone calls; weekly inspiration by email; and a half-hour phone call at the end of the nine months. Please note: The program can be shortened to the length of time you choose.

“I have done writing circles with Mary Ann Moore and I have just completed this very unique and wonderful writing practice that Mary Ann has developed. If you have thought about writing your own story and writing as spiritual practice, this guided practice over 9 months is a wonderful way to find some support from a gentle and very gifted mentor.”
Anne O’Neil, Poet, Victoria, BC
“The format and the personal contact gave me a creative outlet in my life that was mine alone. The material was engaging and inspiring. I loved the references. Writing Home motivated me to read the references, and beyond.”
Carolyn Stuart, Life Writer, Lantzville, BC

You can begin when you are ready and work at your own pace.

 you can look forward to receiving:

  • Nature’s support in the form of a flower essence combination made specifically for your journey;
  • Inspiration to begin and maintain your writing as a spiritual, and self-nourishing practice;
  • Suggestions to explore writing as a physical practice for each stage of your journey;
  • Stories, poetry, and prompts to guide your writing practice including a poem making kit,
  • Guidelines for forming a writing circle with others.

Writing Home: A Whole Life Practice will guide you on a pilgrimage to find the meaning of home, by which I mean your unique place in the world, using the five creative awareness practices mentioned above to acknowledge, access, let go of, integrate and live your new story.

Part I is “Writing on Your Own” with inspiration to begin and sustain writing as a physical and spiritual practice.

Part II is “Writing in the Circle” including circle guidelines as well as “The Ten Creative Components of the Circle”.

Part III consists of seven exploratory stages, in the form of seven chapters, related to the seven chakras, with personal essays, poetry, letters from women who have participated in my writing circles (which began in Toronto in 1997), writing prompts, ideas for visual exploration, and suggestions for movement and meditation. Each chapter has guidelines for working on your own or in a circle with others.

“If you are seeking support to express your own voice, create more flow in your life, and get in touch with your authentic self, whether you are a writer, artist or creative dreamer, Mary Ann Moore’s Writing Home mentoring program is a gentle but persuasive invitation to awakening. It is no coincidence that in the year that I have undertaken the Writing Home journey with Mary Ann, I am finally connecting with my true voice in painting, after many years of false starts, doubts and uncertainties. Mary Ann’s Writing Home contains a gentle and lyrical wisdom that invites you to begin down the path to living a life of greater authenticity.”
Becky Tilly, Artist and Poet

Here is what the nine months of Writing Home: A Whole Life Practice will look like:

introductory telephone consultation

To begin your writing journey, I suggest you form your intent, think of your concerns, and any questions you may have. During our one-hour phone conversation, I’ll give you some suggestions, answers, perhaps some more questions, and most importantly, we’ll connect with one another. You’ll know you have a companion to see you off on your pilgrimage to explore your own life story through a regular writing practice. I create a ceremony with these phone connections by putting on some tranquil music, lighting a candle and burning some sage. I suggest you do the same. Your intent will lead us into a tuning-in to Nature’s guidance for the creation of a vibrational flower essence combination made especially for you.

flower essences are liquid extracts made from the life force of a plant. They are vibrational substances that work with the electrical system, the interface mechanism operating between our soul and our body. You can take a flower essence directly in the mouth or in a glass of water. Flower essences can be taken any time as they are not affected by coffee, alcohol, or food and may be used in combination with vitamins, herbs and homeopathics.

integrate the experience and live up to your full potential
While writing about our lives we may re-enter the dark of the past. A flower essence combination offers Nature’s support for the journey and helps to integrate the experience. In fact the stages of acknowledging, accessing, letting go, integrating and living your new story are all part of the Writing Home journey and the flower essence journey. The new story is the one in which you live up to your full potential.

writing home: a whole life practice, the book

Following our first telephone session, I’ll send you your copy of  Writing Home: A Whole Life Practice which includes an Introduction; Part I: Writing on Your Own; and Part II: Writing in the Circle.  You’ll see the chapter titles listed below. The book with its cover mandala was designed by sarah clark design (www.sarahclarkdesign.ca). 

The chapters of Writing Home: A Whole Life Practice are as follows:

  1. At The Threshold;
  2. The Longing for Home;
  3. The Sacred Call;
  4. Departure: Leaving Home to Find Home;
  5. The Pilgrim’s Way;
  6. Arrival: At Home in the Body; and
  7. Bringing Back the Boon.

You can work on each chapter at your own pace.

monthly check-ins by telephone

Each month (or the time frame we determine together), I will check in with you by telephone or email to see how you are doing and whether you have any writing you would like to share. It may be you would like to share your experience of the process rather than your writing. We’ll have twenty minutes in which to do that.

The monthly telephone conversations were “very helpful. I tend to sort things out by talking about them and the active listening and reflecting back was very helpful and supportive.”
Anne O’Neil, Poet, Victoria, BC
“The monthly chats were awesome. They motivated me.”
Donna LaPerle, Poet and Peacekeeper, Hinesburg, Vermont

weekly inspiration

Even when we’re not speaking to one another on the phone, or in person, you will receive weekly inspirational quotes, poems, and other words to keep you going. You’re not alone; there are many of us on the journey home.

final telephone consultation

Two to three weeks after your final telephone “check-in”, I will welcome you home from this particular writing journey, talk with you about your experiences and discuss, where to go from here.

your investment

The fee for the nine-month Writing Home: A Whole Life Practice is $770.

As a reminder, this is what you will receive:

  • a copy of Writing Home: A Whole Life Practice which is only available to those following the Writing Home program;
  • one one-hour phone session;
  •  seven twenty-minute telephone sessions each month for seven months (or the number of months we determine together);
  • a final thirty-minute phone session;
  • plus a personal flower essence combination;
  • and weekly inspiration by email.

The fee can be paid via:

Money Order or Cheque:
Payable to Mary Ann Moore
3350 Hickman Place, Nanaimo, BC  V9T 3Y1

“One of the things I never get enough of is experiencing Mary Ann Moore’s Writing Circles.
And so, I was intrigued by her Writing Home: A Whole Life Practice. I love getting regular emails from her that provide inspiration, and the one-on-one sessions have been a great gift. The book she wrote captures an intriguing look into her process and development as a writer combined with writing prompts that are by turns fanciful, challenging, and relaxing.”
Rebecca Garber, Writing Life & Writing Home participant, Nanaimo, B.C.

Benefits of writing home: a whole life practice

  1. Nature’s support for your unfolding journey.
  2. Fresh insight from your version of your own story.
  3. An integration of your own wisdom.
  4. A building of confidence to take you into new, creative directions.
  5. An observation of patterns and themes as they gently surface.
  6. The releasing of old wounds.
  7. Your own unique field guide of personal references.
  8. A celebration of your uniqueness.
  9. An awareness of the extraordinary in everyday life.
  10. A view of the world from your soul’s perspective.
  11. Affirmation of your soul’s calling.
  12. A tapping into the ancient wisdom of the ancestors and everything around you; even the stones are storytellers.
  13. An integration of all of who you are.
  14. Your own spiritual practice that helps you wake up to your life.

About Mary Ann Moore: As a poet, writer and circle facilitator, I bring many years of experience, passion and playfulness to writing in community. I find great delight in seeing people awaken their creative potential. My poetry has appeared in chapbooks published by Leaf Press, literary journals, websites, anthologies and on CD: When My Heart is Open. My latest chapbook of poetry is Those Early Days, Hopeful (Leaf Press).  My new, full-length, book of poetry is Fishing for Mermaids (Leaf Press, 2014)