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Fishing for Mermaids (Leaf Press, April 2014)

Fishing for Mermaids

Fishing for Mermaids: Poems by Mary Ann Moore
April 2014 from Leaf Press
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Also available at,, Infinity Gifts in Parksville, B.C. and Munro’s in Victoria, B.C.

Fishing for Mermaids celebrates the joyously human and the mythological.” The Vancouver Sun
Read Dennis E. Bolen’s review in The Vancouver Sun.

“These are close-up poems with lines pressing their noses to the savoury scents of the unexpected . . . Moore’s interest in communing with womankind is a driving force in her poetry.”
Room 37.4

Readings and Talks

Writing as a Spiritual Practice in Nanaimo: Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 6:30 p.m.
part of the Creativity & Spirituality Series for women at St. Andrew’s United Church

Reading on Salt Spring Island: Saturday, November 4, 2017, 7 p.m.
with Susan Musgrave and the Tipi Ten Poets at the Salt Spring Public Library

Brown Bag Lunch Reading in Nanaimo: Wednesday, January 24, 2018, noon to 1 p.m.
Harbourfront branch of the Vancouver Island Island Regional Library
sponsored by WordStorm Society of the Arts

Reading in Nanaimo: Saturday, June 16, 2018, 1 p.m.
with Wendy Donowa
Harbourfront branch of the Vancouver Island Regional Library
part of the Tina Biello Poet Laureate Reading Series

Selected Anthologies


Poems from Planet Earth

edited by Yvonne Blomer and Cynthia Woodman-Kerkham with an introduction by Patrick Lane
(Leaf Press, 2013) $19.95

Poems from Planet Earth is a round-up of poems from readers at internationally renowned Planet Earth Poetry in Victoria, B.C. – named after P.K. Page’s poem “Planet
Earth.” There are 116 contributors – among them Kate Braid, Brian Brett, Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, Mary Ann Moore, Wendy Morton, Sheri-D Wilson and Betsy Warland.

Order your own copy of Poems from Planet Earth from Leaf Press:


Living Artfully

Living Artfully: Reflections from the Far West Coast edited by Anita Sinner and
Christine Lowther (The Key Publishing, 2012) $32.99

The essays in this collection offer unique perspectives and insights into the interrelationship of creativity and geography. The west coast is integral to the experiences,
lifestyles and critical moments of the artists who have contributed essays and art work to the book. Mary Ann Moore’s essay is “Who I Am, Here.” Other contributors include Kim Goldberg, Janet Rogers, and Margaret Murphy.

You can find out more about Living Artfully here. Order from The Key Publishing or Amazon.



Stones: Selected Stories and Poems by the Easy Writers
(Ascent Aspirations Publishing, 2012) $19.95

Nine Vancouver Islanders make up the Easy Writers: John Beaton, Di Clarence, David Fraser, Harvey Jenkins, Judy Millar, Mary Ann Moore, Cindy Shantz, Pat Smekal,
and Fran Thiessen. Each a pebble flicked into the pool of life’s emotions, these works send ripples through readers’ minds.

Order your own copy of Stones from the publisher: Ascent Aspirations


One Sweet Ride

One Sweet Ride: An Easy Writers’ Anthology by the Easy Writers
(Ascent Aspirations Publishing, 2009) $15.00

Nine Vancouver Islanders make up the eclectic, dynamic group known as the Easy Writers. Some write poetry (including haiku); others favour prose. All share a love
for the written, and spoken word.

Order your own copy of One Sweet Ride from the publisher: Ascent Aspirations



You Are Here

You Are Here (Leaf Press, 2012) $10

This chapbook of 16 poems begins with “Poet’s Morning” and ends with “Reading Poetry In Bed.” Travel to Istanbul and the ancient village of Catal Hoyuk in Turkey. Get caught up in the poet’s fascination with handprints and memories of women’s circles. Dream along with the narrator as she muses about angels, mermaids, Frida Kahlo and the colour blue. Nature, erotica and the soul of an ordinary day make their way into this sensuous and sensory collection of poems.


Those Early Days, Hopeful

Those Early Days, Hopeful (Leaf Press, 2010) $10

This chapbook of 14 poems is one of a series called gesture from Leaf Press. Moore writes about childhood in Ontario’s Ottawa Valley, of playing with a dollhouse and paper dolls, of Grandma’s advice, and the final days of a dying mother.



The Names of Things

The Names of Things (The Flying Mermaids Studio, 2009) $15

In this collection of nineteen poems, Mary Ann Moore names the things she has found on Vancouver Island; in the Ottawa Valley; on her travels to Crete, Turkey and New Mexico; and in her inner garden of memories and imaginings.


When My Heart is Open

When My Heart is Open, a CD of poems
by Mary Ann Moore (The Flying Mermaids Studio, 1999) $10

Odes to eggplants, hands and colour. Ancient memories of women’s rituals. Found poems.”True stories” about umbrellas, hedge clippers and Volkswagens. Poems in the shower, outside the Islam store, on the street car, in Crete, in Anatolia.
They’re all here along with where the poems came from and suggestions for writing your own poems. Poems read under a full harvest moon with a gentle voice and an open heart.