Almost a month has passed since I took a walk through the garden with the other women in the Writing Life Circle. It was Lunar Beltane ((May 14) and we were noting our observations. The walk seems to have been a practice of presence as well as impermanence. I saw the golden chain tree not quite in bloom that day and now, almost a month later, it has bloomed and faded. The roses not blooming at that time, are now abundant, high above the front courtyard fence. (I love saying “courtyard”!) Here are my observations made that day:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARocks jagged in the sun,
bright pink azalea blossoms on a slender stem,
wind chimes, a push mower,
umbrellas against blue sky.

Gold fish and fake ducks in the pond,
a rusted metal butterfly,
orange poppies in the breeze,
bamboo in a pot by the corner of the house.



The steps are very deep
as if the builder of them expected no one else
to walk here. At the bottom he’s placed
a small totem that only the neighbours can see.

Is this bridge safe?
How long will the supports for those decks stay standing?
The railings are sorely in need of paint.
The golden chain tree not quite in bloom.
The lower pond still and dark.

What are those huge leaves,
shiny and sticky to the touch?
A bench rotting near the cedars,
the ground cushiony beneath my feet.
Stones left at the edge of the path.

The childen’s swings quiet now,
pale pink rhodo with a strong scent,
a fragrance of warm leaves,
kiwi vines around the lower deck,
ferns against the railway ties.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACeramic puffins with bulging eyes,
a blue frog amongst the hostas,
grape vines feathered and gnarled,
the fountain waiting for a splash of water
and a glass of cold white wine.






OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe front garden calmer, full but contained.
Red edges on the Japanese maple,
mulberry bush twisted and intricate,
red rhododendron past its prime,
while the roses are getting ready to bloom.